The Climate Initiative

Stop Climate Change. Yes, Really.

Over 300 Million EU citizens are worried about Climate Change. Leading experts recommend “Carbon Fee & Dividend” as a key solution. If the EU adopts Carbon Fee & Dividend, we will start a domino effect that end emissions worldwide, stopping climate change in its tracks.

Right now, the EU is working on a long term climate change plan. As citizens of the EU we have a simple message:

Listen to the experts, introduce Carbon Fee & Dividend!

Our first major step? A European Citizens’ Initiative. In order to call on the EU to introduce Carbon Fee & Dividend, we need to collect 1 million signatures in 365 days.

We will break all records by collecting 3 Million instead! This will create a lot of attention and give worried citizens a common goal: a policy that works. Getting 1 in 100 concerned citizens to sign a Citizens’ Initiative is far from unreachable. We will do it in the coming year.


What is “Carbon Fee & Dividend”?

The Carbon Fee & Dividend policy has three parts:

1. To phase out all fossil fuels, we put a price on carbon that rises every year. The price is paid at the source: oil well, coal mine, or port of entry.

2. Give all the money straight back to the people of the EU every month, divided equally. Most Lower and Middle income families will be better off compared to before.

3. Give EU companies fair international competition using Border Adjustments. Border Adjustments make trading partners also adopt Carbon Fee & Dividend, starting a domino effect that stops Climate Change.

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